Submitting a Pull Request

We welcome contributions from the open source community. The main approach to communicate with and to make contribution to DeepFlame is to open a pull request.

  1. Fork the DeepFlame repository.

  2. Pull your forked repository, and create a new git branchmake to your changes in it:

git checkout -b my-fix-branch
  1. Coding your patch

  2. After tests passed, commit your changes with a proper message.

  3. Push your branch to GitHub:

git push origin my-fix-branch
  1. In GitHub, send a pull request with deepmodeling/deepflame-dev as the base repository.

  2. After your pull request is merged, you can safely delete your branch and sync the changes from the main (upstream) repository:

  • Delete the remote branch on GitHub either through the GitHub web UI or your local shell as follows:

git push origin --delete my-fix-branch
  • Check out the master branch:

git checkout develop -f
  • Delete the local branch:

git branch -D my-fix-branch
  • Update your master with the latest upstream version:

git pull --ff upstream develop